#Webinar – Uncertainty of Brexit: Impact on the #Energy and #Utilities Sector

“The UK has largely been governed by EU legislation for the past 20 years. However, with the vote in June to leave the EU, the UK could now have the freedom to vary its energy policy while the EU has to also consider its own path foward – in particular, whether the UK can remain a part of the EU Integrated Energy Market (IEM). In such a period of uncertainty, it will be critical for energy stakeholders to consider potential scenarios, re-evaluate their strategies and position themselves for success.”


London Calling: The U.K.’s Distributed Energy Revolution


Last fall, at a Conservative Party conference in the United Kingdom, Greg Barker, a Conservative Member of Parliament and the country’s Energy & Climate Change Minister, called for a revolution. “I want to unleash a completely new model of competition and enterprise,” he said. “I want to encourage a vast new army of disruptive new energy players to challenge the Big Six [U.K. energy suppliers] …A decentralized power-to-the-people energy revolution—not just a few exemplars, but tens of thousands of them. The Big Six need to become the Big 60,000.”

Greg Barker: Solar energy should be default option for UK businesses- Businessgreen mobile


“If you look at where deployment is we’re seeing strong growth in domestic and in large-scale solar arrays, but where we’re under-deploying is in mid-sized solar – and that’s almost a mirror image of where growth has been in Europe to date,” he said. “I want to make on-site generation the natural default for all UK businesses and solar is one of the most obvious technologies for any onsite generation to start with.”