Updated: Ford Motor Company teams with DTE Energy to build Michigan’s largest solar array | PV Buzz : PV Buzz

The solar canopy will have capacity to generate 1.038 megawatts of electricity – enough to power 158 average-sized homes. It will be the second-largest solar carport in the Midwest, after a 1.1-megawatt facility at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, and it will reduce the amount of electricity Ford pulls from the grid to run its offices. http://www.pvbuzz.com/press-releases/ford-motor-company-teams-dte-energy-build-michigans-largest-solar-array/

The take away: Utilities are able to meet their renewable energy requirements by installing solar power arrays at high power demand commercial locations with available space, generating electricity at the point of use.

Theses project become more attractive to commercial power customers because their supply is generated closer to the facility, it improves their corporate responsibility image, and its free. In this case Ford is also able to implement power charging for their own brand of electric vehicle, the Fusion Energi and C-MAX Hybrid Energ. Could Ford and DTE Energy tie this into a retail venture as Toyota, Honda and Tesla plan to do?

29 Aug 2014 – Here’s an update by the Wall Street Journal – http://online.wsj.com/articles/u-s-utilities-push-the-electric-car-1409336042?mod=WSJ_hp_RightTopStories

2014 New York City Fire Code

The New York City Fire Code regulates fire safety in the operation and maintenance of all buildings, and establishes design requirements for a wide range of building installations. The Fire Code is a companion code to the New York City Construction Codes and Zoning Resolution, with extensive cross-references to the Building, Mechanical and Electrical Codes.

via 2014 New York City Fire Code.

GTAT: Will Silicon Carbide Become GT Advanced Technologies’ Next Materials Business?

GTAT: Will Silicon Carbide Become GT Advanced Technologies’ Next Materials Business? http://m.seekingalpha.com/article/2431505?source=ansh

” It was not that long ago that GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ:GTAT) operated exclusively in the solar space. In fact, up until August 2011, GTAT traded under the NASDAQ stock ticker symbol SOLR and was known as GT Solar International. Prior to 2011, GT Solar’s business model consisted strictly of the manufacture and sale of directional solidification systems furnaces and chemical vapor deposition reactors to produce the low cost, high quality polysilicon, the key raw material used in the creation of photovoltaic wafers.”

Could These 2 Breakthroughs Solve Solar Power’s Biggest Problem?

Could These 2 Breakthroughs Solve Solar Power’s Biggest Problem?.

“Solar power holds the theoretical potential to solve all the world’s energy problems. For example, in just one hour the sun shines enough light on the earth to power the world for a year.

The problem is harnessing this nearly limitless, clean, and renewable power when and where we need it. I recently wrote about Japan’s innovative efforts at solar space-based power. This article brings the concept of solar breakthroughs down to earth and looks at two exciting technologies that could allow solar power to come into its own as a practical future power source.”