Fluctuations 15 July 16

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Net Energy Metering : Growth and Accountability in the Distributed Solar Market

“Americans are installing solar photovoltaic, or PV, systems and other distributed energy resources on their homes for a host of reasons—including electricity bills, increasing property value, preventing electrical outages, acting on climate change, and keeping up with the Joneses.”

Grid-scale behind-the-meter storage tech launched by Greensmith Energy

By April Nowicki for SmartGridNews.com 
Energy storage software and integration company Greensmith Energy has launched its behind-the-meter energy storage solution, Omni4, in North America

Power 3.0

Power generation, currently, is equivalent to rubbing two sticks together. We need to start viewing it as a technology, because more and more the electricity demand will come from technology – smartphones, smart TV, smart appliances, and smart cars, leading to a mature smart grid that will regulate how hard we run those two sticks together.

Smart Grid Standard 201P status check | Consulting-Specifying Engineer

“To establish a common basis for electrical energy providers and consumers to manage and communicate about electrical energy consumption and forecasts, ASHRAE and the National Electrical Manufacturers Assn. (NEMA) are jointly sponsoring Standard 201P: Facility Smart Grid Information Model. The model will facilitate integration of objects and actions within the electrical infrastructure, such as on-site generation, demand response, load control, load shedding, submetering, load prediction, and energy storage. Ultimately, Standard 201P will promote the effectiveness of smart facilities, supporting optimal functionality of a national Smart Grid. The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, a private/public partnership originally established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is acting in an advisory role in the development of the standard.”
via Smart Grid Standard 201P status check | Consulting-Specifying Engineer.