Panel Recall – Open Energy


DETAILS: Open Energy 34 watt (OE-34) Solar Panel energy systems sold under the brand name Open Energy SolarSave Roofing Tiles. SolarSave panels replace conventional roof tiles and provide solar power to the building. This recall involves all brown, terracotta and gray OE-34 SolarSave roof tiles installed on new homes sold by Centex Homes.

WHY: The panels pose a fire hazard.

INCIDENTS: Two incidents in which roof fires originated in or near the recalled roof panels have been reported. These incidents involve homes sold by Centex. No injuries have been reported.

HOW MANY: About 240 homes.

FOR MORE: Visit , send email to, or send a fax to 800-917-2201.

Solar Company Complications « Greening The Apple

There is always some small “insignificant” detail, in every industry, that sits in the back of your mind when you’re selling a product. Just ask the automobile dealers at Toyota and General Motors. In the Residential Solar Market it would be the quality of the roof you’re proposing to place a solar array on. This is a good article that highlights that issue. While we certainly aren’t concerned about new construction or houses that have been built in the last decade or two, a great deal of new homes has been placed in the housing stock, we should worry about older stock. We’ve been inundated with wet and icy weather, leading to a more rapid decay of facades and roofs, buildings are literally falling apart in some areas. The condition of roofs plays into the process, from proposal to contract, to commissioning. That is why we see roofing contractors entering the market as installers, or solar companies partnering. As the industry expands, and consumer look to the Jones, roof condition and quality will become more important, and maybe impact the final decision to have an installation.