An Assessment of Efficient Water Heating Options for an All-Electric Single Family Residence in a Mixed Humid Climate | NIST

“An evaluation of a variety of efficient water heating strategies for an all-electric single family home located in a mixed-humid climate is conducted using numerical modeling. The strategies considered include various combinations of solar thermal, heat pump, and electric resistance water heaters. The numerical model used in the study is first validated against a year of field data obtained on a dual-tank system with a solar thermal preheat tank feeding a heat pump water heater that serves as a backup.”

GoSolarSF Progress Report: Economic & Environmental Benefits of San Francisco’s Solar Program

Massive reductions in the price of solar means that more Americans are benefiting from this bill-saving, job-creating homegrown resource. Residential solar adoption is through the roof even as incentive programs have wound down in major markets like California. In fact, more than one out of every three new U.S. residential solar energy systems installed in Q1 of this year did so without state incentives. And those installations are overwhelmingly occurring in middle-income neighborhoods – an impressive testament to our nation’s solar progress.