Greg Barker: Solar energy should be default option for UK businesses- Businessgreen mobile

“If you look at where deployment is we’re seeing strong growth in domestic and in large-scale solar arrays, but where we’re under-deploying is in mid-sized solar – and that’s almost a mirror image of where growth has been in Europe to date,” he said. “I want to make on-site generation the natural default for all UK businesses and solar is one of the most obvious technologies for any onsite generation to start with.”

Analyst: BIPV glass market to break $2.7B mark in 2019 – News & Trends – EETI

“According to the latest report from NanoMarkets, the market for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) glass will grow from $823 million in 2014 to $2.7 billion in 2019. The industry analyst also forecasted that BIPV glass shipments will exceed 7.6 million square metres by 2021.”

Remember when I said the same thing:

Solar Frontier Sets Thin-Film PV World Record with 20.9% CIS Cell ; Fraunhofer Institute verifies new CIS conversion efficiency breakthrough

“Solar Frontier’s new 20.9% efficiency record resulted from a CIS cell cut from a 30cm by 30cm substrate produced using a sputtering-selenization formation method – the same method we use in our factories. The significance is twofold: it ensures we can transfer our latest achievement into mass production faster, and it proves the long-term conversion efficiency potential of Solar Frontier’s proprietary CIS technology,” said Satoru Kuriyagawa, Chief Technology Officer of Solar Frontier. “Solar Frontier has entered into the next phase in the development of CIS technology, and we look forward to building on this achievement and driving our efficiency even higher.”