The Electric Debate

” Of course, there are those pioneer home owners who are completely forgoing the energy company and using natural gas to power their homes on their own, effectively taking themselves off the grid. A prime example of this is the home of Steve and Brenda Norwood in Houston, who created their home using a micro-trigeneration system. This system, developed by M-CoGen, uses a natural gas powered unit which then combines solar power from the home’s own solar panels, natural gas, electricity, and battery power. The unit has the capability to produce more energy than the couple uses, which would then allow them to sell it back to Reliant Energy as part of that company’s sell-back program.”

Goldman Sachs to Tesla: You are not that special – Energy Ticker – MarketWatch

Net metering — in which solar customers sell excess energy to the grid, getting credits for when they need to draw power from it, like at night — is under threat in some states and is an uncertain model that could render solar systems uneconomical, Goldman said.

With storage, however, consumers would no longer be tied to the grid and grid parity — the point at which solar energy costs roughly the same as power from the grid — is only a decade away in some states, Goldman said.