Intersolar 2014 AWARD Finalist in Photovoltaics, CAB Products, to exhibit at Intersolar 2014 North America | Nassau News Live

Intersolar 2014 AWARD Finalist in Photovoltaics, CAB Products, to exhibit at Intersolar 2014 North America

JOHNSTOWN, Pa.June 14, 2014 /Nassau News Live/ — The Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped, CAB Products, will be exhibiting its line of Cable Rings and Saddles for Photovoltaic Solar Projects at the Intersolar 2014 North America Expo from July 8th to 10th in San Francisco.

CAB Products was a finalist in the Photovoltaic Category for the Intersolar 2014 AWARD.

CAB’s innovative Cable Management system utilizing Cable Rings and Saddles is drawing strong interest from the Solar Industry. While it is a new way to think of cable management for the Solar market, the same product has been used for over 40 years in Electrical, Utility, Petrochemical, and Traffic Signal applications. It is a time-tested product and is specified by electrical engineering companies in the most corrosive and harsh environments in the world.

The simplicity of the design, in which the Cable Rings and Saddles are hung from messenger wire connected between mounting piers, has the advantage of saving installation time and product costs as well as lowering logistical costs such as shipping and storage. The system is also advantageous for use where the ground cannot be disturbed, such as Super Fund sites and former Landfills, and also where the ground is not conducive to trenching.

The Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped is a private, non-profit organization in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Its purpose is to provide rehabilitation and employment opportunities for persons with physical and intellectual challenges while also producing high quality products for customers. CAB Products has been producing cable and wire management products since the early 1970′s and is used around the United States and in over 25 foreign countries. CAB Products have annual sales in excess of $18 million USD and produces millions of products each year.

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‘Solar PV industry clouded by dumping’ | Business Line

via ‘Solar PV industry clouded by dumping’ | Business Line.

“Competitive pressure from foreign module manufacturers, particularly from China, and excess supply in the equipment market have had a significant impact on the domestic manufacturing business. An anti-dumping investigation against these low-cost imports is currently in progress, and the government needs to issue a preliminary tariff ruling at the earliest to provide desperately-needed relief to the ailing manufacturing industry.”

First Solar Brings VDE Certification Across the Pond

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“The VDE Quality Tested mark for PV power plants was designed by VDE and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems. It tests the systems for electrical and mechanical safety, evaluates system performance as well as proper system operation, and provides independent verification for investors, lenders, insurance companies and other stakeholders by highly competent and reputable independent experts.”

Consolidation in the Solar industry may mean less jobs.

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There are said to be 119,000 people employed in the solar industry, and we know that number will increase as it gains a foothold, but the current round of consolidations and bankruptcies will leave some of us out of work.

A few politicians have complained that Solar is not ready for prime time and have moved to reduce funding, feed-in-tariffs, incentives and are resistant to simplifying permitting. While at the sametime continuing to allow fossil fuel based energy developers to enjoy their subsidies.

The three biggest panel manufacturers, Chinese, though hurt by European trade sanctions, are regrouping to focus on the Asian markets; Japan has grown to over 30% of Canadian Solar’s revenue. Though it hasn’t been mention lately, we know that these companies are backed by their governments. The only plus side is that we may have escaped a rash of defective solar panels.

Supporting Domestic Solar panel manufacturing will make the transition from coal, oil and nuclear cheaper and easier. It will also ensure Americans remain employed. It will give companies that promise to open facilities, the incentive to keep their promises.