Solar panels just broke another record in the U.S. by Katie Fehrenbacher |

“…the amount of U.S. residential solar panels has been growing more rapidly, and has been expanding across more states than ever before. The amount of home solar roofs grew 70% year-over-year for the most recent quarter, and went from four states with vibrant residential solar markets in 2013, to ten states today.” 

Let’s be clear, the theory is that every home can, and should be powered by Solar Power.

Homeowners Could Save Up to 40 Percent on Electricity by Flexing Their Demand, Report SaysBy Melissa C. Lott | August 29, 2015

Buy, make, or eliminate – these are the three main ways that we have gone about meeting our electricity needs for the past century. But, according to a new report by the Rocky Mountain Institute, a rapidly growing fourth option is appearing across the country and offering a way for homeowners to decrease their monthly bills.Read the article here: Scientific America 

Solar Farms or Community Solar Gardens? Rooftops, who said anything about rooftops?

It depends. Solar Farms are usually developed by EPCs ( Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction companies), their efforts to turn actual farm land into renewable land is stymied by the community. Plans to develop PV farms can fall faster than a wind farm’s. Neighboring home owners worry the value of their homes will drop. As for Community Solar Garden, they’re all the rage, now. They’re usually developed by the locally establish utility to meet there renewable energy mandates. They also allow their customer to feel warm and fuzzy about solar with shelling out cash and worrying about the installation or the possibility of selling a PV laden home.

How much cheaper will your bill be if you’re getting your solar power from the local utility? (In some cases, a credit of $2.00) And, aren’t we just prolonging the inevitability of widespread rooftop solar?