Consolidation in the Solar industry may mean less jobs.

via GE solar plant dead | Electric Power News | Energy Central.

There are said to be 119,000 people employed in the solar industry, and we know that number will increase as it gains a foothold, but the current round of consolidations and bankruptcies will leave some of us out of work.

A few politicians have complained that Solar is not ready for prime time and have moved to reduce funding, feed-in-tariffs, incentives and are resistant to simplifying permitting. While at the sametime continuing to allow fossil fuel based energy developers to enjoy their subsidies.

The three biggest panel manufacturers, Chinese, though hurt by European trade sanctions, are regrouping to focus on the Asian markets; Japan has grown to over 30% of Canadian Solar’s revenue. Though it hasn’t been mention lately, we know that these companies are backed by their governments. The only plus side is that we may have escaped a rash of defective solar panels.

Supporting Domestic Solar panel manufacturing will make the transition from coal, oil and nuclear cheaper and easier. It will also ensure Americans remain employed. It will give companies that promise to open facilities, the incentive to keep their promises.

In the beginning, Big Dog took a bite.

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via Edison Buys Solar Commercial Rooftop Developer SoCore Energy – Bloomberg.

Is there any doubt that solar is a viable industry? Wait until the big dogs REALLY start to eat the little dogs. We’re witnessing consolidation at the commercial level, but eventually the little installers will get out priced by the mid-sized corporate backed installers. Solar is not going to stay a green alternative, it will become a stable household energy producing appliance.