Towards an International Guideline for Yield Analysis for #Solar Thermal Power Plants – PDF

Markus Eck, Tobias Hirsch

University of Applied Science Osnabrück, Germany,

German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Solar Research, Germany, 


Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) Plants are a utility scale technology for solar electricity production that offer full dispatchability thanks to integrated storage capacity. Due to the huge capacity and thus investment, each project is subject to a sound project development process. In each step of this process an adequate yield analysis is a crucial task to estimate the expected electricity yield and the achievable levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) or internal rate of return (IRR).
Despite the significance of this task no international guideline exists for the yield analysis of STE plants. This situation causes investors to increase their risk surcharges and with that increase the LCOE or reduce the IRR accordingly. To improve this situation an international working group has been established to develop a guideline for yield analysis that may serve as a basis for an international standard in the future.
The intention of this conference paper is to introduce the guideline document to the South African STE community. The paper will provide a meaningful introduction to the concepts of the guideline, its structure, and the status of its documents. It will also invite to contribute to future extensions of the guideline, e.g. by providing modeling approaches and system parameters for present and upcoming STE technologies

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