#Solar cells can be made with tin instead of lead,…

“Dr Ross Hatton and colleagues show that perovskites using tin in place of lead are much more stable than previously thought, and so could prove to be a viable alternative to lead perovskites for solar cells.
Lead-free cells could render solar power cheaper, safer and more commercially attractive – leading to it becoming a more prevalent source of energy in everyday life.”


China’s Role in Global #Energy #Finance (10/24/16) – Center on Global Energy Policy #Podcast

Check out this cool episode: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/center-on-global-energy-policy/id920531348?mt=2&i=377389207

[#WEBINAR] Realizing the Potential of #Energy #Storage: Lessons from the Northeast | ETS Insights by #Zpryme

“Energy storage can bring significant opportunities and innovation to the energy industry, but where are organizations finding success beyond traditional hotbeds such as California? Join us for a discussion about energy storage initiatives taking place in the Northeast U.S. along with the value that storage can add, the different applications, duty cycles, and, most importantly, how to execute on the great ideas and value propositions for energy storage in your area.”


Commercial #Solar + #Storage: A Cornucopia of Savings #Webinar photovoltaic.pw/2fRiItE courtesy of #UtilityDrive photovoltaic.pw/2fLyZO9