Fluctuations 14 July 2016 – Final Edit

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How worried are you about a…

Grid attack: How America could go dark.” via @WSJ (Subscription Required)
Today’s first interesting article, with an opening quote.
Transparent Utility Costs Key To Solar and Storage Growth
According to Lynn Jurich, one of the co-founders of SunRun and a speaker during Intersolar’s opening ceremony on Monday night, the notion that solar customers are increasing costs for other ratepayers is false. “It’s a total red herring,” she said.


“In the past two decades, alternative energies have emerged in a more sustainable way to resolve the scarcity issue of natural energy resources. However, project owners’ general perception believes that a one-time high installation cost hampers the adoption of an alternative energy system like solar power. This study investigates the effectiveness of the solar-powered photovoltaic system over the conventional and hybrid systems through a benefit-cost analysis. Benefit and cost components were quantified from the economic and environmental perspectives. An economic sensitivity analysis was then followed with three measurements such benefit-cost ratios, net present values, and profitability indices.”

Design and Development of Multilevel Inverter for Solar Power Generation

Abstract-This paper proposes a solar power generation system is composed of a dc–dc power converter and a seven level inverter. The seven-level inverter contains only six power electronic switches, which simplifies the circuit configuration. Furthermore, only one power electronic switch is switched at high frequency at any time to generate the seven-level output voltage. This reduces the switching power loss and improves the power efficiency and also reduces the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). The voltages of the two dc capacitors in the proposed seven-level inverter are balanced automatically, so the control circuit is simplified. Simulation results show that the proposed solar power generation system generates a seven-level output voltage and outputs a sinusoidal current that is in phase with the utility voltage, yielding a power factor of unity. Index Terms- Grid-connected, multilevel inverter, pulse-width modulated inverter (PWM), MATLAB/SIMULINK,

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