Fluctuations 12 July 16

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If you’re like a majority of Americans you’re paranoid about your health. You want to eat better so you get a salad with your hamburger and soda. Seriously though, you shop at organic supermarkets or at the farmers market. We’ve become more concerned about the ingredients in our foods, how fresh and healthy they are. That interest has lead to greenroofs, vertical gardens, urban farming and even chickens. The way we get our food has been disrupted just as the electric system. 
I recently read an article that said construction was second to farming in adopting new technology, specifically the paperless office. I then saw an video on drone technology’s affect on farming [http://youtu.be/HIpelnM1NBE]. When I think of farming its mostly diesel oil or bio- fuels, but what about Solar?
Well, there’s a program called the Rural Energy for America Program Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency Improvement Loans & Grants. I plan to contact them and find out what part solar plays in their program. Here


Thanks to @EnergyTech_News for this link on Drones in Solar Here

Will drones actually become part of a Solar companies arsenal, or is it a job that would be contract out. In maintenance, drones could play an essential part: faulty panels, high heat panels and BOS equipment, azimuth configurations. Do you plan to purchase a drone or contract out?

Data Centers:

Did you know that Data Centers consume 2-3% of total energy generated in the U.S.? I didn’t. And that brings up the point, that as we converge on our technological future energy consumption will increase even if the product we use consume less energy individually. Televisions require cable box, game consumes, and sound systems. Homes have their own ecosystem of electronic now, whether it’s the refridgerator or security system. And what about the EV charging system? All of these life components will be connected to the cloud, the one operating at a Data Center, near you. 


Green-e Energy Certifies Southern California Edison’s New Clean Energy Options HERE

Many you have your own opinion about Green energy pass-thru. That’s what I call them. It’s a form of deregulation, where you determine which company you want to be your servicer even though nothing changes physically. You used to pay Peter, now you pay Paul. Simple, except that Paul, which is the renewable energy vendor, is a little more expensive. But, now you have peace of mind because, technically, you’re not contributing to the profit of a company that isn’t as green as you’d like it. Enter Southern California Edison’s Green Rates Here

To add to the cornucopia of choices consumers have, Do demand charges make sense for residential customers? By Coley Girouard for SmartGrid News

Finally something really new…

Smartflower POP Harvests the Sun’s Power Easily and Efficiently

The unique-looking, easy-to-install solar system generates enough electricity to power the average middle-European household. via EcoBuilding

And finally: 

New report: Energy Efficiency Enabled by Distributed Solar PV via Conservation Voltage Reduction. Via SolarCity

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