Today’s Fluctuations 

Fluctuations is updated throughout the day, with thought, corrects, and new links. Check in with us at the end of the day to see if you’ve missed anything or if you want to comment. Have a great day. 
Are you ready to work with your utility?

Con Edison’s DSIP 

Con Edison’s DSIP presents its self- assessment and five-year view of the integration of Distributed Energy Resources into

Quote from the Barron’s

Twilight in Electric Utilities

“Half of electric-utility executives surveyed recently expect their industry to go into a “death spiral” within 10 years…”

Thoughts: If solar panel manufacturers increase their efficiency to at least 50% and consumer product manufacturers continue their trend toward more energy smart and nanotechnology, we may one day have an electric power surplus. What if you iPad was a sheet of glass?


As we move into a DER environment installer will have more things to consider. 

Shipping lithium batteries: Are you up to date on the requirements? 

While this type of battery is not currently in use to store residential electricity auto companies plan to convert them for use in homes. 


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