No. 01 – Is SolarCity’s move to cease operations in Nevada indicative of all companies operating there?

That is what I planned on finding out, but unfortunately getting through to some of the entities there was harder than I thought.

After reading about SolarCity I felt that the Solar Power market would now be open to small to mid-size companies. Maybe they would be able to capitalize on the news and start to market to their service;”We’re still here.” I went on line, typed in solar installers in Nevada. I printed out a list of about twenty companies operating in Nevada. I called eight that looked reputable, and didn’t get through to anyone. Not one. One company’s number led me to a little old lady; sorry Ma’am. Most of them had answering services; “for our directory press 1.” No wonder national companies are able to dominate the market, there’s no competition. And now the impression is that there’s no market at all. SolarCity’s announcement is dominating the discussion about Solar in Nevada.  I was expecting to reach people that would be willing to discuss their plans to innovate, advertise, and fight for market share. I wanted to know whether their customers had questions, whether they even thought that the decision actually hurt the Nevada solar market. I also wanted to know whether or not there was a demographic that could still be marketed to, such as conservationist, empty-nesters, upper middle-class owners, green renovators, off-grid homeowners, farmers, and businesses. Tomorrow NV Energy is supposed to submit their rate plan for Net-metering, I’d be nice to hear from the industry, not just SolarCity, about their plans for 2016 under the new rate scheme. Stay tuned.

Amtech Announces $22 Million in New Solar Orders in Fiscal Q1 Includes Significant Order for High Throughput Diffusion and PECVD Systems

TEMPE, Ariz.Dec. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Amtech Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASYS), a global supplier of production equipment and related supplies for the solar, semiconductor, and LED markets, today announced its solar subsidiary, Tempress Systems, Inc., has received approximately $22 million in new solar orders, of which approximately 50% is for its PECVD systems. The majority of the orders is from a top tier solar cell manufacturer in Asia and is expected to ship within the next six to nine months.

Economic and technical assessment of solar tracking system for solar panels via EnergyBiz

“One hour of solar energy is enough to meet the energy demand of entire Earth’s population for one year.

When the solar radiation reaches earth’s top atmosphere it is relatively constant everywhere but the radiation near earth’s surface may vary considerably due to following reasons:

  • – Atmospheric effects, such as absorption and scattering.
  • – local variations in the atmosphere, such as water vapour, clouds, and pollution;
  • – latitude of the location; and
  • – the season of the year and the time of day.”

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