Solar panels just broke another record in the U.S. by Katie Fehrenbacher |

“…the amount of U.S. residential solar panels has been growing more rapidly, and has been expanding across more states than ever before. The amount of home solar roofs grew 70% year-over-year for the most recent quarter, and went from four states with vibrant residential solar markets in 2013, to ten states today.” 

Let’s be clear, the theory is that every home can, and should be powered by Solar Power.

Understanding Maximum Power Points (MPP) BY BRIAN HANSEN | Civic Solar

“Designing systems so that panels operate as close as possible to their Maximum Power Point is critical to maximizing the performance of the system. A large central inverter such as the Solectria 500XTM has one power point, which means that all panels in the array will produce the same voltage and amperage. If the array is uniform and free from shading, this is generally not a major issue.” Here

Press Release: IRS Rules Favorably on Owner’s Eligibility for Federal Tax Credit for a Community-Shared Solar Project

September 1, 2015

by Clean Energy States Alliance

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) and the Boston office of law firm Foley Hoag, LLP have issued a press release about an August 2015 IRS ruling that has implications for community-shared solar projects nationwide. 

More information and resources related to this ruling