The #SolarExperience: Power without the cost. Save the planet!

Marketing is moved to the experience zone. We can see commercials where a guy is hanging out with friends at a bar and all of a sudden he’s having the best time of his life. That’s a beer commercial. Companies are trying to marry the brand, the product to an experience. So what’s the solar experience?

If I had to describe for you the Solar Experience, it would start with a scene of a woman’s hand plugging an appliance into a electrical outlet, while in the background, through a window the sun is rising. In a sun drenched bathroom, the husband is shaving. The children are typing on iPad, and watching cartoons. The house has a lush garden, there’s an EV sitting in the garage, plugged in and charging. Then the camera pans to the electrical meter and it’s not moving.

Currently there is no Solar Experience unless your neighbor has one, or you use those little garden lights, or a mobile solar charging mat. What is should be is freedom, airiness, a feeling of detachment, and powerful – electrical, sustaining and enduring.

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