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Commercial Solar Leverage Model (Greentech Media)

Learn How to Calculate Leverage on a Deal. Leverage can be critical to some solar deals. If you’re doing to be taking out debt on a commercial project, you’ll need to know how leverage works. Understand Leverage Basics. The model will show you the basics of how leverage works if you’re already familiar with the concept. You’ll be able to plug in some characteristics of your projects to see how leverage would impact returns. Perform Sensitivity Analysis on Your Solar Projects. With the model, you can plug in details from your projects and see how leverage could help, and potentially hurt, returns.”

Batteries Included: A Solar Cell that Stores its Own Power | News Room – The Ohio State University

Key to the innovation is a mesh solar panel, which allows air to enter the battery, and a special process for transferring electrons between the solar panel and the battery electrode. Inside the device, light and oxygen enable different parts of the chemical reactions that charge the battery.