Japan’s anniversary – a year of nuclear-free, and with renewable energy increasing


Japan-happythe people’s dedication to energy efficiency – the cheapest and quickest way to reduce costs and carbon emissions – has led to a reduction in electricity demand equal to 13 nuclear reactors. At the same time, citizens are installing thousands of micro solar PV every month.

 Happy nuclear free birthday to the people of Japan http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/Blogs/nuclear-reaction/one-year-nuclear-free-Japan/blog/50594/  by Kendra Ulrich – 15 September, 2014 Every birthday is special – but today Japan is celebrating something unique. Japan has been nuclear-free for one year.

Nuclear-free – a phrase that in its simplicity carries a devastating message for the worldwide nuclear industry, and an inspiring lesson for people across the globe. The future can indeed be free of the threat of another Fukushima disaster.

One year ago today, the last commercial nuclear reactor operating in Japan was shutdown. It joined the other 47 nuclear reactors that had been idled for most…

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