What happens when you get snow on solar panels? – Home Energy Pros

“In heavy snowfall, the solar panels still give off heat, allowing the snow to begin melting above them. Houses with solar panels will avoid roof cave ins because of the dispersion of the snow due to the heat of the panels.
Snow falling off panels simultaneously cleans them and therefore boosts their power output.
On days when snow covers your solar panels, there is no need to worry about your output because your total energy is calculated throughout the entire year, meaning that variations in output during winter months are made up at other parts of the year.”

via What happens when you get snow on solar panels? – Home Energy Pros.

I wouldn’t advise using a rake to clean your panels, but I’d seriously think about some Rain-X.

Most people are especially concern about their electricity generation during storms because a utility’s outage usually means your solar power system may power down IF it has not been UPGRADED to, or DESIGNED as a BIMODAL or ISLAND-capable system. Contact your Solar Power Consultant, Contractor, or Installer and inquire about Bimodal and Island-capable Solar Power Systems.

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