Why SolarCity and Tesla are going to replace your utility

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Why SolarCity and Tesla are going to replace your utility

By Todd Woody @greenwombat 9 hours ago
The power plant in your garage. Tesla Motors

Millions of California homeowners and businesses have installed solar panels on their roofs to generate their own electricity. Now a small but growing number of them want to pull the plug on their utilities by storing that energy in batteries and tap that power when the sun isn’t shining. And that has set off a fight over who will ultimately control the state’s power grid—California’s three big monopoly utilities or their customers empowered by companies like SolarCity and Tesla Motors.

SolarCity, the Silicon Valley solar installer, has quietly begun to offer some homeowners a lithium-ion battery pack made by electric carmaker Tesla to store electricity generated by their rooftop photovoltaic arrays. Stem, another Silicon Valley company, will sell or lease a $100,000…

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Another Fire?

Can system monitoring alert an owner or a Solar Power Maintenance Contractor to a rooftop fire? It may not be an option that an owner willing to pay for but it should be the installers obligation to have one installed to protect themselves and the property. In the event that a system malfunctioned, for whatever reason, or became an obstruction to fighting a fire,  the installer could provide personnel to assist local fire officials in their attempts to navigating the array while putting out the fire.