Can you say, Nanoplasmonic Black Metals? Okay, say more energy.

Nanoplasmonic black metals enable breakthrough in solar energy research.

The current level of technological innovation going into photovoltaics should be ready for the next wave, which is when the industry will be beyond it growth spurts and becoming a mainstream consumer energy staple. What are manufacturers and scientist aiming for? Photovoltaic efficiency, getting more juice out of panel. Even though consumers and business are making more energy conscious purchases, it doesn’t mean they’ll reduce the number of appliances requiring electricity. Consider the car, it began with an engine and an alternator to run the minor electrical circuits needed to drive the vehicle. As cars evolved, more electricity was needed to run all of the advance safety features and to help the cars motor process fuel more efficiently. Aside from the fact that the input, light for the sun, is free, we still need to raise the efficiently of solar panels, which currently average at about 12 – 15% in the lab, on day one.

Solar penetration

What was I doing today? Seeing how many times this article from the New York Times got reposted, to what type of sites, and those sites that represented solar – are they blogs with contributors or just posting boards. And how, if I wanted to, could I contact them for article submission.

It’s always a great thing when Solar Power makes it to the New York Times, which it does often. If you set up a News Alert for solar you’ll get the articles. If you get a chance, read the article.

In case of emergency.

What are your plans during an emergency?

Once everything has settled down and we’ve made sure everyone is safe, the first thing we should do is set up charging stations for public use. It’s our duty, and it’s our marketing opportunity.

And what’s stopping you from setting up a charging station in at a local fair, or event. You don’t need a disaster to get out and have customers experience solar for themselves. What’ll it cost you?

Posting Pet-Pev

I admit it, I hate posting links. One reason, in a rush to post its so easy to miss-quote an article. I’d prefer to talk to a manufacturing representative. I usually go to the manufacturers site, but press releases often are a few days before a site is updated. So, what’s the take away. A tweet post isn’t as important as an in depth review. Lighten up.